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Get connected to your car. Smart, isn't it!
When everything around you is getting smarter, why not your car! This futuristic plug-n-play device lets you monitor your car's and your driving performance which helps you
save upto 15% fuel and gives your car the attention and swag it deserves!

About ZYME - make your car a smart car!

Meet the future of car technology with this device. Just plug it in and find the whole world of your car engine's computer right on your smartphone. Engine diagnostics, vehicle performance, driver performance and much more ...

Device ZYME - the device

Just plug the device in the port under your steering and feel the swag.
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Screens ZYME - on your phone

See what’s included in the App

  • Dashboard
  • Homepage
  • Smartnavigate
  • Racing
  • Diagnosis

Save upto 15% fuel Zyme UDS technology

Our proprietary Unique Driver Suggest algorithm gives drivers' suggestions to improve their drive. The Smart Drive feature comes with Gear Shift assist using sounds to notify efficient gear shifts to the driver while driving.

Annual Fuel Savings estimate
Fuel Saved~50 lts.~100 lts~150 lts
Total Annual Savings~Rs. 3000~Rs. 6000~Rs. 9000
Average mileage taken as 15kmpl
Cost of petrol taken as Rs.60/lt
Estimates might vary depending upon car make, model and year


ZYME - app features

The power of information now in your hands. Experience the uniqueness of Zyme with these easy to use key features.
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ZYME - Confirm pre-Order NOW @ Rs. 199/-

Pre-order price Rs.2999/- Rs.1999/- only! Confirm your pre-order @ Rs.199/- only
First batch ships in September. Remaining amount to be paid while shipping.
For any queries, please look at the FAQs or contact us at contact@getzyme.com. We will get back to you within 24 hrs.


Get connected to you car.

1587 Pre-orders ... and still counting

FAQs ZYME - Got questions?

Q.What is Zyme?
A.It is a plug and play device, which when connected to your car gives information on vehicle performance, engine diagnostics, racing stats and much more. The data is displayed on your smartphone via our proprietary android app.

Q.How do I install the product?
A.It is a plug-n-play device. Just plug it in the port under the steering, download the app and get started.

Q.Would it be compatible with my car?
A.In accordance with government regulations, all the Indian cars manufactured post 2010 would be compatible with the device.

Q.Would the app be compatible with my smartphone?
A.It would be compatible with all Android versions above Android 4.1

Q.Would the app continue to work if network is lost during the trip?
A.The app would still work in no network areas as it it connected to the device via bluetooth.

Q.Would it be harmful if I left Zyme attached in my car for long?
A.It is a low battery consuming device. Until you are planning to not use your car for next 4-6 months, it will not affect car’s battery in any way.

Q.Does zyme alter my car’s ECM in any manner?
A.No it doesn’t. It is a device which reads the information produced by your car’s ECM. It does not alter its functioning or performance in any manner.

Q.Would my car warranty be altered because of Zyme?
A.No it won’t get altered. Zyme is a plug-n-play device, which when connected, just tells you the data as given by car’s ECM. It does not modify your car’s or its ECM's functioning in any manner. It's like plugging a pendrive in your stereo system.

Q.How many days post pre order would I receive my device?
A.The first batch will be shipped in the month of September. You will receive an email with your list number.

Q.Would there be an additional cost associated with app?
A.There would be no extra cost for the app nor would you require to do any in-app purchases.

Q.Is there any warranty which comes with Zyme?
A.Zyme comes with a complete 1 year replacement warranty.

Q.What is the cost of the device?
A. The device + app interface costs merely Rs. 1999/-.

Q.Do I need to pay at the time of placement of pre-order?
A.We are collecting an initial booking fee of Rs.199/- to confirm your place in the pre-order list. The remaining amount will be collected at the time of delivery.

Q.Who are the founders of Zyme?
A.The founding team comprises Prashant Gupta (IIT Kanpur), Nishtha Singhal (IIT Kanpur) and Siddharth M V (IIT Guwahati). We have a vision to connect technology with inanimate objects in a way so as to enable better user experience and make the most of available technology.