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Q.What is Zyme?

It is a plug and play device, which when connected to your car gives information on vehicle performance, engine diagnostics, trip log, fuel cost, racing stats and much more. The data is displayed on your smartphone via our proprietary android app.

Q.How do I install the product?

It is a plug-n-play device. Just plug it in the port under the steering, download the app and get started.

Q.Would it be compatible with my car?

In accordance with government regulations, all the Indian cars manufactured post 2010 would be compatible with the device.

Q.Would the app be compatible with my smartphone?

It would be compatible with all Android versions above Android 4.1

Q.Would the app continue to work if network is lost during the trip?

The app would still work in no network areas as it it connected to the device via bluetooth.

Q.Would it be harmful if I left Zyme attached in my car for long?

It is a low battery consuming device. Until you are planning to not use your car for next 4-6 months, it will not affect car’s battery in any way.

Q.Does Zyme alter my car’s ECM in any manner?

No it doesn’t. It is a device which reads the information produced by your car’s ECM. It does not alter its functioning or performance in any manner.

Q.Would my car warranty be altered because of Zyme?

No it won’t get altered. Zyme is a plug-n-play device, which when connected, just tells you the data as given by car’s ECM. It does not modify your car’s or its ECM's functioning in any manner. It's like plugging a pendrive in your stereo system.

Q.How many days post ordering would the device be shipped?

The device is shipped within 24 hrs of order placement.

Q.Would there be an additional cost associated with app?

There would be no extra cost for the app nor would you require to do any in-app purchases.

Q.Is there any warranty which comes with Zyme?

Zyme comes with a complete 1 year replacement warranty.

Q.What is the cost of the device?

The device + app interface costs merely Rs.2999/-Rs. 2499/-. This is a special introductory price.

Q.Can I connect to my car's stereo and Zyme simultaneously?

Yes. You can play music on your cars stereo and simultaneously do any other activity on your smart phone while Zyme is running in the background

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