4-in-1 air purifier for your car

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Top Touch Panel

Power on or standby options at the touch of a button


High clean air delivery rate for quick purification

Quality Assurance

CE, RoHS and FC certifications for increased reliability

360º Suction

Strong suction power for more efficient purification

Cup Design

Stylish cylindrical design to match your interiors

Remove Impurities

Removes impurities including PM2.5, TVOCs, pollen, exhaust fumes, smoke and bacteria

Speed is the name of the game!

Super-quick air purification

The biggest problem with car air purifiers is the speed at which they purify your car's air. Zyme Air maintains high CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate) while filtering out the unwanted smoke, pollen, PM 2.5 particles and foul gases filing yor car with fresh purified air within minutes.

Filtration Time

Hatchback (2 m3) - 3 minutes

Sedan (3 m3) - 4 minutes

SUV (5 m3) - 6 minutes

Enjoy the drive, not the dust!

Triple Filtration Technology


Q. What are the functions of Zyme Air?

Zyme Air comes with 4 built in functions. Air filtration, UV sterlization, ioniser and car perfume.

Q. What are the filters present in Zyme Air?

Zyme Air has triple air filtration technology. Annular HEPA filter, charcoal filter and nano silver filter ensures best air purification standard in your car.

Q. When will the my Zyme Air be delivered after ordering?

Zyme Air is usually shipped within 2 business days of placing the order. You can however, opt for expedited shipping options at the time of checkout

Q. What is the warranty on the product?

As always with the Zyme brand name, there is a high association with customer support. Zyme Air also, similar to our other products comes with 12 month replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects. The warranty however, does not cover breakage due to mishandling/accident.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Zyme Air also comes with 7 day money back guarantee.

Jazz up your car!

Order NOW | ₹ 5499/-  ₹ 4599/-

12 month warranty | 7 day money back guarantee

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