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Auto On/Off

Automatically turns on/off with the car's ignition

Wifi Sync

Sync your videos with your phone via our Android application

Expandable Memory

Insert an SD card to expand the memory to upto 32 GB for longer recording

Auto Looping

Automatically records over archived videos for uninterrupted recording

Smart Video Lock

Recognises collision/impact and automatically locks files near timeframe

360º Rotatable Lens

Rotate the camera as per your video requirements

Your car's eyes

Record all your trips

Mobile Setup

Easy setup on any mobile device

Wifi Sync

Sync videos with your phone over WIFI

Share Videos

Edit and share your drive on social media

Shutter Remote

Shutter remote on phone for dashcam clicks

Crystal clear clarity

Record your drive in 1080P


Q. What is a dashcam?

A dashcam mounts on your car's windshield and makes a video recording of all your trips allowing you to re-visit any footage. Videos from the dashcam are crucial in accident assessments and insurance claims as they provide high quality video footage of yor drive. Zyme Cam allows you to pair with your dashcam via your mobile when you are in the car and sync these videos with your phone and also share them on your social media circles.

Q. Why is it in pre-order?

Zyme Cam is currently under large scale production with the prototype completely designed and tested. We anticipate the dispatch of the finished items to happen by 15th January

Q. When will the pre-order be delivered?

We anticipate shipping of the pre-orders to begin on 15th January

Q. What is the warranty on the product?

As always with the Zyme brand name, there is a high association with customer support. The Zyme Cam also, similar to our other products comes with 12 month replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects. The warranty however, does not cover breakage due to mishandling/accident.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Zyme Cam also comes with 7 day money back guarantee.

Jazz up your car!

Pre-Order NOW | ₹ 4999/-  ₹ 3499/-

Ships on 15th January | 12 month warranty | 7 day money back guarantee

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