Smartphone cradle with reflective HUD

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Distraction-free driving

Transform your driving experience!


Navigate to your destination with HUD


Reflect your odometer readings on HUD


Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones

... and much more

Reflect anything onto the screen to enhance your drive

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all phones iOS and Android

Full Screen View

Your whole screen right in front of you!

Eyes Always Ahead

Experience distraction free driving with navigation

Day and Night

Use it in the day, use it in the night!


Q. What is a heads-up display?

Heads-up display is a reflective screen attached to a sturdy anti-slip base on which you can place your phone and reflect your phones contents onto the reflective panel for distraction free driving with eyes on the road. You can use it for navigation, odometer projections and much more. Head over to the featured applications section to see some top apps to use with Zyme HUD

Q. What is the warranty on the product?

As always with the Zyme brand name, there is a high association with customer support. The Zyme HUD also, similar to our other products comes with 12 month replacement warranty for reflective screen and HUD panel. The warranty however, does not cover breakage due to mishandling/accident.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Zyme HUD also comes with 7 day money back guarantee.

Jazz up your car!

Order NOW | ₹ 2999/- ₹ 1499/-

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