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Zyme Location Tracking
Realtime Tracking

Accurate realtime GPS coordinates of your vehicle

Zyme Installation
Easy Installation

Easy and detailed circuit diagram for installation by any mechanic

Zyme Immobiliser
Engine Cutoff (optional)

Remotely immobilise your vehicle with the click of a button

Zyme SOS
SOS Button (optional)

External SOS button for SOS trigger on any mobile

Zyme Geofence
Geofence Alert

Set virtual boundaries for your vehicle and get notified on breach

Zyme Ignition Detection
Ignition Detection

Ignition detection for giving correct status of vehicle

Zyme Loc8 - Vehicle List

Precision tracking for all vehicles!

Universal Compatibility

Zyme Loc8 is here to solve all your vehicle tracking requirements for all kinds of vehicles. Its multi-functional interface gives users immense flexibility for vehicle safety with optional engine cut off feature as well.

Suitable for

LMVs and MCs - cars, vans, taxis, motorcycles

HMVs - trucks, buses

Heavy Machinery - Construction equipment, tractors


Q. What are the functions of Zyme Loc8?

Zyme Loc8 is a vehicle GPS tracker with optional engine cut off and SOS button functionality. You can track your vehicle in realtime and access previous trips upto 6 months old.

Q. Will my car warranty be void?

Zyme Loc8 is a deep installed device which involves some wire chipping in your vehicle thus your vehicle's warranty may be voided by the company.

Q. When will Zyme Loc8 be delivered?

Zyme Loc8 is currently in pre-order phase with scheduled lanch on 15th January. You can expect your device to be delivered by 20th Jan.

Q. What is the warranty on the product?

As always with the Zyme brand name, there is a high association with customer support. Zyme Loc8 also, similar to our other products comes with 12 month replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects. The warranty however, does not cover breakage due to mishandling/accident.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, Zyme Loc8 also comes with 7 day money back guarantee.

Jazz up your vehicle!

Order NOW | ₹ 5999/-  ₹ 4599/-

12 month warranty | 7 day money back guarantee

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